sunlight flakes

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Sunlight Flakes
Product Life Cycle
1890s- Lever brothers, although already selling nearly 40 000 tons of Sunlight soap a year and starts expanding into Europe, America and the British colonies with factories, export businesses and plantations; still wasn’t contented of the product they have that time. External factors such as marketplace trends (customer wants and expectations) made them realize that there’s still some room for improvement for their product. Up to the end of the 19th century, washing clothes at home usually entailed the tedious task of cutting chips off of large hunks of laundry soap to use in creating sudsy water. At that time, what the customers want is a laundry soap that would be easier to use. A Monsieur Charpy employed at Lever in England developed a technology that allowed production of a very thin sheet of soap that then could be flaked.
1899 – It was during 1899 when Lever Brothers introduced a new type of product, Sunlight Flakes –a domestic brand in the United Kingdom, The Sunlight Flakes is basically formed from using scrapes or flakes coming from the former product Sunlight soap, and this makes housework easier than with the traditional hard soap bars.
1900 –The name changed from “Sunlight Flakes” to “Lux” in 1900, a Latin word for “light” and suggestive of “luxury.” As a trade name, Lux had multiple advantages. The name is short and easy to remember; in Latin it means "light" (and so is related to Sunlight); and by association it suggests luxury. The Lux trademark was registered in the U.S. in 1900.
1906 – The soap flakes began to be imported to the U.S. and manufactured at a new Lever Brothers plant in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1907. The product was not promoted heavily at first, and sales were modest.

1925 – Lux toilet soap was launched in the United States in 1925 and in the United Kingdom in 1928 – Subsequently, Lux soap has been marketed in several forms, including hand wash, shower gel and

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