Sundiata War

Topics: Sundiata Keita, English-language films, American films Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: April 20, 2010
Victor Arndt
Dr. Black World History
Due 20th October, 2008

Sundiata and War
In Sundiata: an Epic of Old Mali we learned that war is a necessity in certain cases. War is sometimes required to defend the home or way of life. When people feel threatened, they will rise up and defend themselves. War can result in death and destruction of properties. In some cases, war is used by an aggressor to capture resources. War is also used to affect justice. The King Soumaoro was a vindictive king. He had so much power and authority that people thought they could not escape his power. He made his people fear him. Those who did not obey or fear him were brutally killed. As quoted from Sundiata “But Soumaoro was an evil demon and his reign had produced nothing but bloodshed.”(Sundiata 41). One thing the king greatly enjoyed was to publicly flog poor vulnerable old men. The king had no compassion towards his people and enjoyed seeing others suffer. His people did not appreciate being humiliated, mistreated or taken advantage of. People would soon revolt against their king. King Soumaoro took women from surrounding areas and put them in a village to have his way with them. “He had defiled every family and everywhere in the vast empire there were villages populated by girls whom he had forcibly abducted from their families without marrying them.”(Sundiata, 41). The king was considered to be untouchable and had the ability do what he pleased. Having these women was not enough for Soumaoro, he had to have his own nephew, Fakoli Koroma's wife. He locked her up and had his way with her whenever he pleased. This made his nephew very irate and caused him to turn his back on him and go to war against Soumaoro. “Since you are not ashamed to commit incest by taking my wife, I am freed from all ties with you from this day forward. Henceforth I shall be on the side of your enemies.” (Sundiata, 42). This is one reason why people would go to war against each other. Most men are very...
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