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Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali
Sundiata is about the kingdom in Mali. The king of Mali, Maghan, had multiple wives and he had two children by two different wives. Sundiata was his first born child, so he was the one that was suppose to take the throne. Unfortunately, Sundiata could not walk so the second son of Maghan had to take the throne. When Maghan died the second son took the throne and he ended up being very bad to the kingdom and to Sundiata. After Sundiata was treated badly he all of a sudden began to walk and vanished away from the kingdom of Mali with his mother. Sundiata and his mother went to another kingdom far away where they were accepted and treated nicely. Years after Sundiata has left Mali, news comes to him that Mail is under attack and that the second son, Sundiata’s brother, is not doing anything about it. So, Sundiata returns to Mali to win the battle and to take the throne away from his brother.

The historical context of Sundiata goes all the way back when Islam was first carried to sub-Saharan Aftrica by traders and Sufis. The Arab conquest of North Africa in the seventh and early eighth centuries placed an outlook for increasing contacts between Arabs and Black Africans. The Arabs began to cross the Sahara and when they arrived they found thriving kingdoms in position. Then Ghana (modern Mali), one of the largest sub-Saharan kingdoms, was found about 300 C.E. By the ninth century Ghana was a partner and rival of the northern Berbers for control of Saharan trade; traded thought these routes were gold, slaves, hides, and ivory in exchange for copper, silver, metal goods, horses, dried fruit, cloth, and salt. By the eleventh century traders from the north invited people from the south to adopt their religion and came to establish new communities of faith and good works. The common people were not affected until the nineteenth century, leading traders and rulers to begin to convert to Islam. Around 1235 the Keita kings of Mali had...
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