Topics: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Hero, Sundiata Keita Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: April 12, 2013
This story is about a hero named Sundiata who went on a heroic journey and he experienced different events throughout his life. The story tells the history of groits, the kings, their generations, customs and traditions of town called Mali.  More importantly, it is about the life of Sundiata because it includes the events of his father’s marriage with Sogolon, and his youth and his exile from the Mali and the return to Mali after the death of her mother Sogolon. Each episode of the story includes an interesting theme and lesson. Such as the episode that really struck me was when the narrator mentioned that how Sogolon and her children had to live on the left over’s of the queen mother Sassouma Bredtd. Moreover, Sogolon had to hear all gossips that were spread by queen mother in the town. Sassouma’s gossips were to provoke the people in Mali against Sundiata, so he could not get the thorn and the throne will go to queen mother’s son. Thus, her gossips were that people had seen kings who had one eye, one arm and lame legs, but never seen a king with stiffed legs. All these gossips were annoying Sogolon and which leaded her to cuss her own son Sundiata. For instance, she told Sundiata that she had suffered the greatest affront of her life because of him. In addition, mother queen also planned multiple attempts to kill Sundiata, but she failed. For instance, she called nine witches to her palace and developed a plan. She sent the nine witches to provoke Sudiata and draw the anger of the nocturnal powers upon him. Overall, the narrator had described throughout the episodes that Sundiata and his mother had to go through difficult times in their life.

After reading Sunidata, I have learned that loyalty and being respectful and faithful always brings victory to you. For instance, Sundiata was not given the thorn because of his stiffed joints. However, his kindness towards others and the respect for others brought him back to Mali and was given the thorn....
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