Sunday in the Park
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English Essay
Sunday in the park

Justice, behavior, influences and growing up are the themes in the short story “Sunday in the park”, written by Bel Kaufmann. We meet a family in a park on a Sunday afternoon. What was supposed to be a nice trip turns into a conflict.

The story takes place in a park and it could be any park, but since the father, Morton, is reading Times Magazine I would say it takes place in either America or Great Britain. “It was still warm in the late-afternoon sun, and the city noises came muffled through the trees in the park.” The first sentence gives a very good impression of the environment in the story. The main character in this story is the mother. She is described through the narrator.
Morton is married to the main character, and I would guess they are around 35 years old because they have a three-year-old son, Larry.
Joe is the boy in the sandbox who throws sand at Larry. He is probably around Larry’s age. His father in sitting on the bench and he is a very important character for the development in the story. He is the main reason Morton and his wife get angry at each other. We read the story from an unknown narrator’s perspective. It is written in 3. Person and it is a limited narrator. It is limited because we do not know what is going on inside the other characters heads. “She put her book down on…” The example shows that the main character is written in 3. Person. I think one of the most important themes in this story is influence because parents have huge influence on their children. The father figure is very important for boys, and if the father behaves badly so does the child. “You go right ahead, Joe…Throw all you want.” This example shows that small children do what their parents tell them to. That is why I think it is such an important theme. Growing up is also an important theme in this story and you can
Another theme is I Think the message in this text, is about treating others like

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