Sun Yixian as the Father of the Revolution

Topics: Republic of China, Kuomintang, Qing Dynasty Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: July 12, 2006
To what extent can Sun Yixian be considered the father of the Chinese Revolution?

Sun Yixian can be considered the father of the Chinese Revolution as he is contemporarily titled both officially and unofficially in different areas of China as "Forerunner of the Revolution" and National Father, Mr. Sun Chungshan (Yixian). Sun was also the first president of the Chinese Provisional Government, funded the revolutions, kept the spirit of revolution alive, successfully merged minor revolutionary groups to a single larger party, providing a better base for all those who shared the same ideals, founded the National Party and devised a logical philosophy called Three Principles of the People which became the basis of the new society and still heavily influences Chinese government today. However Sun Yixian was not very involved in the Revolution of 1911, and was in fact out of the country at the time, as well as only being president for a very short period of time and was a Christian who was educated by and received aid from foreign powers which goes against some of the nationalistic reasons for the revolution.

Sun Yixian must be considered the father of the Chinese Revolution to an extent, considering that the range of his contemporary titles and personal tributes suggest this very position. In Taiwan, Sun Yixian is seen as the Father of the Republic of China, and is known by the posthumous name National Father, Mr. Sun Chungshan (Yixian) or š •ƒ@‘·'†ŽRæ¶ in Chinese, where the one-character space is a traditional homage symbol . In 1940, the National party officially titled Sun eGuofuf, meaning "National Father". It also unofficially refers to Sun Yixian in the People's Republic of China on mainland China, and the title "Forerunner of the Revolution" is sometimes used instead. Sun's legacy is remembered in Nanyang at Wan Qing Yuan, which has since been renamed as the Sun Yixian Nanyang Memorial Hall, and was recognised as a national monument of Singapore on...
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