Sun Lab

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Graded Assignment
Lab Report
Answer the questions below. When you have finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit. 1. (5 points)How would you describe the movement of the sun over 30 minutes? Answer: The movement of the sun will change the angle it has on the sky in 30 minutes, it is always moving from the east to the west, so in 30 minutes it would move more west, no matter at what time you make the experiment.

2. (5 points)You have two sun sticks. One is 2 m long; the other is 5 m long. You place a mark 1 m up from the ground on both sticks. Does the length of the sun stick affect the distance the mark moves? Explain your answer. Answer: No, both marks are at 1 meter up the ground, so it doesn’t matter how tall the stick is, the mark is the same distance to the floor in both sticks.

3. (5 points)How would the length of the shadow at noon compare with the length of the shadow in the late afternoon? Answer: The shadow at noon would be shorter than the one at late afternoon, the shadow that is at the late afternoon would be a lot longer and it would be pointing to the east.

4. (5 points)Based on your observations, which way does earth rotate—from east to west, or west to east? Explain your answer. Answer: Based on my observations, I can assume that the earth rotates from the west to the east. The sun always rise from the east and it sets in the west, so the eastern side of the planet is the one that has sun first and the western side of the planet is the last one to leave the sunlight. So we can see that the west follows the east because the western side of the earth gets sunlight after the eastern side. Because of this I am able to assume that the earth rotates from the west to the east.
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