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Sun and Late Evening Light

By shaneeqah Apr 17, 2013 254 Words
Not a cloud sailed on that particular Sunday evening. The climbers, John and Mary had reached the tops of the cliffs as the sun was setting. They looked over the town to one side and the water on the other. The whole scene appeared strikingly beautiful in the late evening light, for it was sunset. Their hearts began to fill with emotions as the vast open sky started to turn from a baby blue to an autumn red, the clouds changed from cotton white to a flaming yellow orange giving the clouds a fluorescent laser lined effect. Birds chirped melodiously while flying away to their homes in the pleasant breeze, they too enjoying the spectacular sight. The crystal clear water sparkled like diamonds. Everything was almost still and the effect of the light made the scene look like one in a painting. It was so perfect. The climbers gazed upon the picturous scene as the autumn sky turned darker. The sun seemed to be at peace, making the climbers feel good and warm. The sun slowly began to fade away, as if it were about to fall off the edge of the water. John and Mary suddenly began to feel alive as they sat on the hill to take in the epic event right before them, they felt alive, reborn and inspired.

They slowly watched the autumn red sun disappear behind the murky blue sea and said to themselves, what a glorious sunset. One that would be etched in their memories for life.

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