Sumptuous Cuisine Catering – Swot Analysis

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Sumptuous Cuisine Catering – SWOT Analysis
The business plan for Sumptuous Cuisine Catering’s new ballroom meeting place start with the owners’ dreams for what their company will become. Their partnership in Sumptuous Cuisine Catering brings to the table the successful partnership between Rudy Electrum and Tosca Cabrini. Their vision for the growth of their business is to have a place where they can offer their clients more. Electrum and Cabrini have taken their dream of a catering business and made it a great success in three years. Their plans for the ballroom show they want to offer their clients the option of having a meeting or party place outside of their business or home. They can give them many different options to fill their needs and wishes for their events. The company will provide many options for in house services and then will use subcontractors for the rest. Even though this is a ballroom they will be able to offer meetings or parties from small to large at any time of the day. This can be done due to their flexible menus they will be able to offer a variety of cuisine. This option will also put them above the competition that specializes in only one type of food. To keep this edge however they will have to keep up on new trends and watch their competition closely making sure that they stay one step ahead. The plans for this venture will reach out to a variety of past clients as well as open up a new market for them that will allow the client to not have to provide a place have their event. Reaching for the non-profit organizations that could utilize the location for their fund raising functions will open more doors for people that go to them generally throw large functions or parties of their own. They are joining forces with other companies that will allow them to expand their bookings through other party planning companies. This along with their plan to add their own sales staff should give the company a well rounded market....

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