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Tessa young
Essay 2
Body image

Body image is the image you have of yourself and your physical appearance. This image can be influenced by what others think of you, and what you see in the media. The media exploits people’s needs to feel accepted by having beautiful people on television shows, in the news, and in advertisements. It seems wherever you go you see a billboard or a poster with another beautiful woman or a man advertising a product. Many people feel the need to get plastic surgery to make them beautiful. Caro Elliot, in the article “Put Your Best Face Forward,” points out how the media has exploited television show on this very subject. Two examples are Fox’s “The Swan” and ABC”S “Extreme Makeover.” These shows document the transformation of a contestant as he or she undergoes cosmetic surgery in a quest for beauty. By airing shows like these, the media plays a huge role in how people view themselves. There are 8.3 million cosmetic procedures performed in the USA according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and in 2003 they were up 293 percent. I think people should not worry about what other people say about them. As long as people are happy with themselves that’s the only thing that should matter. Other ways people try to lose weight is by taking diet pills. Diet pills don’t really work. A lot of diet pills just boost your metabolism and give you extra energy. Diet Pills are not good for your heart, according to my doctor. Sometimes with all the energy diet pills give you, it can make your heart jump a beat. I used to take diet pills, and they really did not work for me I still had to exercise and eat healthy for the pills to work. Also, many people that worry about their body image can become bulimic because it’s a fast way to lose weight. Most people don’t realize bulimia can kill you. Bulimia is an eating disorder where an individual thinks he or she is fat, but cannot overcome their bad eating habits. When you’re

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