Summery of "Politics and the English Language"

Topics: Word, Language, Politics and the English Language Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Professor. HuculakEngl 135
Sept 29th, 2014
Summary Assignment
In his article ”Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell claims politics and our language influence mutually. He points that the reasons of the corruption of language is people’s stupid thoughts since people are so lazy that unwilling to take seriously of their writing. George Orwell claims that the two common main problems in modern writing. One is staleness of imagery, the other is lack of precision. People will make four mistakes of their article that illustrate below. The first one is dying metaphors, George Orwell argues, people are fond to use metaphors to create vivid image to their readers, but it always accomplish the very opposite. The second one is operators or verbal false limbs. To make sentence symmetry, people will use inappropriate and useless word, which will makes article become very strange. The reason why people make mistakes is because they there don’t want to choose the appropriate verbs and nouns to express their thoughts. As a result, they use vocabulary randomly. The third is pretentious diction. Some of bad writer usually use foreign words and expression to decorate their articles, which makes the articles become pretentious. The final is meaningless words, especially in art criticism and literary criticism. George Orwell argues that these articles always make any sense. Not only the writers don’t know the substantial content in their articles, but also the readers. Additionally, in some political writing, it is difficult to define some political words since different people will have different private definitions. Then, George Orwell points out that the worst problem of modern writing is not using improper words but putting words and ready-made phrases together mechanically. The benefit of this action is that people do not need to strive to consider about which word is suitable for this sentence, but the consequence is that it makes your article vague....
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