Summer Vacation

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Summer vacation (also called summer holidays or summer break) is a vacation in the summertime between school years in which students and instructors are off school typically between 6 and 14 weeks, depending on the country and district. Criticisms and support[edit]

Some countries only get six weeks or two months summer vacation because students supposedly forget large amounts of information learned in the past year (See: Summer learning loss).[1][2] Other education reformers believed that children were overstimulated in a system which required 48 weeks of schooling. They believe that over-schooling could lead to nervous disorders, depression, and insanity.[3] They believe that children need the 2–3 months off to relax and also to take a break from other childhood stresses associated with school such as peer pressure, cliques, bullying, and the pressure of heavy loads of schoolwork and homework. Some critics of summer vacation point out that American students spend approximately 180 days (26 weeks) per year in school, but Asian students are "in school for 240 to 250 days". This is consistent with the conclusions of researchers[4] who suggest that advanced abilities are in proportion to the time spent learning. Summer holidays in Japan last from late July until early September. By country[edit]

In Argentina, the school year ends by late November or early December and starts late February or even mid March (12 to 14 weeks). There are 2 days off for Holy Easter (which, taking place on Thursday and Friday, account for a 4-day weekend), 2 weeks for Winter Break, and a day for 21 September, Student's Day. Of course without counting the numerous public and patriotic holidays. In Australia, the Summer season officially lasts from December to February, and therefore includes the Christmas and New Year holidays. The dates of Australian "school holidays" (the term used, rather than "vacation") are determined by each state's Department of Education, the Summer (also known as Christmas) holidays being the longest in duration. Typically Christmas or Summer holidays in Australia last approximately six weeks, usually from mid-December (depending on school year, see below) to late January. This is significantly shorter than the North American Summer vacation, but Australian schools also break for two weeks at Easter, and in June and September, giving students and teachers a total of twelve weeks of annual holidays. In many public schools, years 10 through 12 will finish before December 15, allowing time to complete exam marking and results. Year 10 commonly finishes at the end of November, Year 11 at the end of October, and year 12 (Senior Year) also at mid or the end of October after 3 weeks of end-of-year exams. This can bring the normal 12 weeks of vacation to 20 weeks of vacation. The intervening periods of school operation without holidays are called "School Terms", each term lasting approximately ten weeks. All Australian states have relatively similar holiday periods between each term, but there is the ability for this to change around, such as for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, when the first term in Victorian schools was shortened to 6 weeks and the other subsequently extended to 12 weeks due to severe disruptions to the public and private bus networks used by school students. Most private schools in Australia have up to four weeks of additional holidays, due to their longer teaching hours during term. In Austria, summer vacation varies by region. School usually ends in late June, while in some schools the school year lasts until early July. In Bangladesh, summer vacation begins in mid-May and ends in mid June (4 weeks). According to Bengali calendar summer vacation related with availability of different kinds of summer fruits in the month of Joishtho (mid May to mid June). Also its become very uncomfortable for children to stay in class during extreme warm-humid weather. In Belgium, summer lasts from July 1 until...
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