Summer Solstice by Nick Joaquin

Topics: Philippines, Manila, Metro Manila Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: June 21, 2011
A high school drop-out turned National Artist.
Certainly, a success of a person can never be measured by the number of college degrees one has completed, nor is it measured by simply getting that University diploma. How many prominent people have proved that to us? To name a few, we've got Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Anniston, Woody Allen and yes even Jane Austen dropped out of school. And, from a third-world country, such fate is very much possible. Nick Joaquin is as ordinary as anybody could be. Why? He felt the same way that we possibly felt for our classroom disscussions: boring. Unlike most of us though, who tried to struggle over it, he decided to quit school during his secondary year in high school, although he did not stop from learning. He decided to teach him self. He read and read and fortunately, his dad's library had supplied him enough books to last him a lifetime. And this is where his legacy to all Filipinos started. After-all, most great writers are great readers, too. And Nick is just like that. Nick was born on May 4, 1917 at Paco Manila. His father, Leocadio Joaquin, was the one who had greatly influenced his interest in books. His mother's name was Salome Marquez Joaquin. He started out as a writer by writing short stories, poems and essays and most of those where published in different magazines based in Manila. But perhaps, his most acclaimed work in the Philippines is his short-story entitled "Tatarin" which means The Summer Solstice. It's about a ritual usually made by women asking the gods to make them fertile. It involves a woman dancing around a century old Balete tree. It was even adapted in to a movie in the Philippine cinema. During the Marcos regime in the Philippines, a time where the country was under the state of Martial Law, Nick was never imprisoned unlike other artists that time. He was even a member of the Philippine Board of Censors for Motions Pictures during those days. But, he was not a...
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