Summer Reading: Tuesday with Morrie

Topics: The Cure, Death, Disease Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Summer Reading Part 2:
“Ok, then,” he whispered. These were thought to be Morrie’s last words as he lay there lifelessly waiting to end his course in life. There was a developed cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease in September. It was now a cold December. As Connie and Charlotte mourned his supposedly death, I, however, did not. I found the piece of paper in my left pocket that contained scrawled numbers. The numbers were legible and by dialing I knew this number would connect me to the pharmacy that had a cure. I dialed the numbers frantically, as thoughts ran through my mind like a speeding bullet. I began to perspire. The line at the other end crackled and came to life “Hello, this is Barrys assistant.” “Hi, this is Mitch, I was wondering if you could transfer me to Barry.” I said hopefully. I began explaining how I would like to obtain the cure for my ex professor and friend. The line suddenly shut off. I had no idea if they had the cure or not but I knew it was worth finding out.

I ran as if I were in a marathon. I sat down and jammed the keys into the ignition and sped down the road. The pharmacy was five minutes away from Morrie’s house. I was in luck. I pulled into the parking lot and found the nearest spot to park. I parked as fast as I possibly could and ran to the pharmacy counter. “Is Barry available?” I said breathlessly. Now I knew how Morrie felt when he tried to breathe. The person at the desk went back to try to find Barry but he wasn’t available. I felt hopeless. It made me believe that I could be the cause of Morries death because I didn’t do anything to stop the disease from continuing to take a toll on his body. I ran through every red light and swerved through people. No one seemed to care and neither did the police.

I reached Morries house and killed the engine. I walked inside with my head hung low. I walked into Morries bedroom to find Barry administering the medication into Morries arm. I couldn’t believe it. It...
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