Summer Reading Journal: Lord of the Flies

Pages: 7 (2306 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Summer Reading Journal
“Lord of the Flies.” by William Golding

Chapter 1
Summary-The boys find themselves on an island and introduce their selves to each other. The two boys talk about the crash and the possibility of there being no adults, and wondering if there are any other boys that were on the plane with them. They find a conch shell after swimming in the beach water and Piggy tells a story about a man and how he blew on the shell to make a noise. Therefore, the boys decide to try to find others by using the shell, once they starting blowing on it the other boys start coming out of the jungle. They held a short “meeting” and decided three of them were going to go on an expedition to scout out their surroundings.

Response-I believe the boys are going to be disappointed to find out their on an island and begin to loose hope. I also think that there is going to be trouble later on with the whole group of boys. They are probably going to become uncivilized and slowly loose sanity.

Chapter 2
Summary-When the expedition is over Ralph called another meeting and tells the boys the results. There are not adults on the island, and they need to find some essentials. The boys start to become startled from a story from one of the younger boys. Piggy convinces the boys there is nothing to worry about and they need to focus on surviving. Piggy tells them they need to try to build a fire, so using his glasses angled at the sun they do just that. One of the boys disappear ad Ralph pretends that nothing has happened but he is ashamed.

Response-I believe that the numbers are going to start decreasing more rapidly as the nights go on. It will probably soon turn in to a “Witch hunt,” of sorts. They are going to start killing others because they believe that them to be guilty. I hope that some of the boys will make it off this island alive.

Chapter 3
Summary-Jack is trying to hunt a pig and sadly, he fails and mean while the other boys are making huts. The younger boys are playing in the water, and Ralph becomes angered at the empty promises that he hears at the boys meetings. Ralph is griping about the food, the nightmares of young ones, and the lack if work shown. Ralph and jack begin to bicker, trying to rebuild the friendship, they go swimming and it only makes the feelings stronger. Simon is walking alone in the woods helping the little ones. He stumbles upon a beautiful scenery and decides to take it all in and sit down for a while.

Response-The boys are already getting irritable with each other and at this point, it could get much worse if they continue on this path. I think that if things do not start changing the group is going to break into smaller ones. They may become rivals. Simon is probably going to be killed if he keeps walking off alone.

Chapter 4
Summary-The boys start to get use to the island life. The group starts to get bad visions as they nap or sleep. The little ones are mostly eating fruit and playing all day. The fruit begins to cause stomach ailments. The older boys start to torment the little ones by ruining sand castles and throwing rocks but making sure to miss. Jack obsessed with killing a pig brings some boys into the woods and goes for a hunt. A ship is coming up on the horizon when Ralph looks for the signal fire that the hunters were suppose to keep up and its not there. He becomes enraged, and when the hunters return they are covered in blood and rejoicing. Piggy was whining about the fire when Jack slapped him so roughly that one of the lenses of his glasses shattered. Ralph scolds them again and Jack apologizes to Ralph but to Piggy. The boys eat and Ralph calls a meeting on the beach.

Response-The boys are growing hostel towards each other and making enemies amongst themselves. They are slowly loosing sanity and human characteristics. The boys are probably going to begin to argue about the food. I think that at the rate their going it will take less then...
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