Summer Reading Assignment: Shelley's Frankenstein

Topics: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, Novel Pages: 7 (940 words) Published: May 21, 2013

Neshad L. Potts
Ms. Marinell
31 July 2012
English 11 Summer Reading Homework


1. The point of view is told in narrative form first by Robert Walton and then switches to Victor Frankenstein. If the book was only told from one character’s point of view I think it would be less confusing.

2. The creatures view on society, justice and injustice is that he feels just will never be served.

3. The main themes in the novel are revenge and justice.

4. The role weather has in maintaining the mood of Frankenstein is it induced a mood appropriate setting.

5. Shelley includes Dr. Darwin’s name in the preface because of the creatures extreme adaptations.

6. The type of families portrayed in the novel were compared, rich/poor.

7. Victor Frankenstein’s personality is naïve, pompous, intelligent and persistent.

8. The creatures personality is sensitive and emotional.

9. The emotions overall in the novel were fear, terror, loneliness, horror, mysterious and unsolved.

10. The symbolism behind Victor Frankenstein’s crime against nature was that he was trying to pay God and human life. Since he’s not God, nature symbolically fights him.

11. Elizabeth played a role of quick marriage in the novel.


12. The creature’s appearance aroused a disgust by the readers.

13. The elements of a gothic novel in relationship to Frankenstein are he supernatural of bringing someone back from the dead especially the fact it was all different parts of people sewn together and the horrific vivid descriptions of what the monster looks like.

14. Mary Shelley effectively used nature in her novel.

15. Foreshadowing is alluding to the future. You can foretell when someone dies, which appears in the book.

16. The author seems to make you feel pity about the creature and Victor.

17. The significance of the sub-title “The Modern Prometheus” was that it’s almost the same as what Prometheus did when giving human fire. Well now Victor has brought life.

Personal Response

18. The epistolary style of the novel affected my understanding of the book by helping me further understand what I were to be reading in the following chapters.

19. I think Mrs. Saville received the letters, because she ended up returning home safely.

20. If I were Mary Shelley’s editor, I would make sure she were to make the book more entertaining.

21. I would not recommend this book to a friend, ever. It was extremely boring.

22. I feel that Victor Frankenstein is naïve, yet very intelligent.

23. I feel that the creature is mysterious and weird.

24. In the introduction, when Mary Shelley said she wanted to “think of a story that would speak ot the mysterious fears of our nature and waken thrilling horror,” in my opinion she did not succeed. This is because if she had succeeded, I would have actually wanted to read the book.

25. I did not like the ending of the book, because it was nothing to my surprise.

26. My favorite horror movie is The Haunting In Connecticut and it compares to Frankenstein because it is mysterious. On the other hand, it was much more entertaining.


- Mary
- Reader
- She has an affection for doing as she says she will

- Walton
- Martha
- Something so scary should’ve been recorded, but he’s still alive so why bother?

- Stranger
- Mary
- Before he gets on the boat, he wants to know where they are going

- Victor
- Walton
- Victor has always thought that he was an expert when wanting to know how nature was created

- Victor
- Reader
- You have to know of science before you try and do something with it

- Victor
- Victor started thinking that maybe gathering dead body parts from charnel
houses and graveyards wasn’t such a great idea.

- Victor
- Walton
- He dug that body parts up, but after doing such a thing and creating a creature he felt like a...
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