Summer Reading Assignment

Topics: White people, Kill, Missing white woman syndrome Pages: 6 (2059 words) Published: October 30, 2011
J.P Morgan was a major American banker financier and entrepreneur who contributed to the economic growth of the U.S thorough shrewd business strategies such as financing and other major services. He connects to native son by pretending to be rich white men. Bigger and Gus amuse themselves by engaging in a mock dialogue whereby they imitate the way they imagine Morgan probably sounds in real life.

Trader Horn was the first non-documentary film shot in Africa. It tells of the adventures of real life trade and adventure Alfred Aloysius on safari in Africa. It connect to native son because in the movie a native son got saved by a white girl who was missing to a missionary man and in native son Bigger got saved by Mr. Dalton who helped him with his family stat by giving him a job but later killed his daughter accidentally and hide her from being jailed.

Scottsboro Boys were the nine black teenage boys accused of rape in Alabama in1931. They connected to Native son because of the value for young misguided characters like Bigger has seen a black man being accused of rape just being in a white woman’s bedroom so this made bigger did what he did to Mary in order for him not to be accused of rape.

Communist is a person who plans to make everyone equal and to give power to the average working man. It connect to Native son because Mary’s boyfriend Jan is a communist and in the end Bigger accused Jan for Mary’s death but after the truth being set Jan understand what it feels like being or being black is like and why Bigger did what he did and offer to help him.

Hitler was know for being voided and only care for white people and was racist to other people. It connects to Native son because Bigger was in a town full of racism and it was evil and prejudice.

Mussolini is an Italian Politician who led the national fascist party and is credited with being one of the key figures in the creation of fascism. It connects to Native son because Bigger longing for a leader who can bring solidarity to the black community and he admires the fascist leaders.

Loeb and Leopold were two wealthy university of Michigan alumni and university of Chicago students who murdered 14 year old Robert Robby Fran’s in 1924 for ransom and were sentenced to life imprisonment. It connects to Native son because Bigger accidentally kill Mary and cut her body in order for him to hide it and also murdered her girlfriend Bessie brutally, wrote a ransom note but was caught for a life imprisonment and later executed.

Bruno Hauptman is a German ex convict sentence to death for the abduction and murder of the 20 month old son of famous pilot Charles Lindbergh and Anne Marrow Lindbergh. It connects to Native son because Bigger was also sentenced to death after accidentally killing May and his girlfriend Bessie.

Jim Crow were laws that prohibited black participation. It connect to Native son because if a black man were to be seen with a white women let alone discovered in a white woman’s bedroom he will receive some serious consequences. The U.S in Bigger Thomas time he faced violent racism. There were Jim Crow laws that mandated separation of the races.

The Great Migration was the movement north. It connects to the Native son because in the book after being caught Bigger ran away to the city with his girlfriend.


The title "Fear" is a perfect title for the first book in the Native Son.   The first book shows how Bigger Thomas, the main character, is afraid of almost everything he does. He shows fear when he doesn’t know what to do or when what he is doing is not right.  When Bigger is scared he does things that he or any other person wouldn’t normally do. He is afraid because Mr. Dalton and Mary both are giving him conflicting orders that put him in an impossible situation. Mr. Dalton orders Bigger to take Mary to school and bring her back but Mary...
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