Summer Olympic Games

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Many countries desire to host the Olympic Games, which are the international athletic events among every country, continent, and around the world. 776 BC, the Olympic Games originated by ancient Greek at the Olympia in spiritual celebrations (Young, 2004). The games competed between cities and an olive wreath were the prize to be an honor for a winner and a winner’s city (Young, 2004). In 1896, the Olympic Games reestablished again by an International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Athens (Young, 2004). This essay examines the impacts from the Olympic Games. Firstly, both advantages and disadvantages for the host nations in last 20 years will be addressed. Finally, the plan for hosting the Olympic Games in London will be discussed.

The Olympic Games provide the both advantages and disadvantages to the host nation. The most principle advantage is the expansion of an economic. Many businesses, relating to the Olympic Games, increase highly in revenues such as tourism, shops surrounding stadiums, hotels, restaurants, exhibitions, mobile communications systems, and sporting industries. For example, in Lillehammer, Italy, the Olympic Games magnetize a lot of visitors so, the extension of tourist considers as a 100 percentage in 1989 to 1995 (Clark, 2008). In addition, overwhelming of tourists visited the city to learn more about culture, place, and history after the Olympic Games were over (Clark, 2008). So a massive income and consecutive revenue, which produce immense influences to the domestic income and economic development, will flood into their countries.

Furthermore, renovations and reorganization of the city substructure will cause the consequent advantage such as growth of telecommunication systems, construction of new ring road, subway lines, airport terminals, sport arenas, and railway station, rearranging of railway networks, reverting Arts and Cultures. For instance, in 1992, Barcelona not only systemizes their outdated Sewerage systems, which utilizes...

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