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Campbell’s Soup at Hand
Soup at Hand is new within the last 10 years and at the time of it being people found it very unique and a quick easy way to the go. It copied this packaging idea so it is one of a kind. This package has many features that regular soup cans wouldn’t that make it easier to drink out of. Some including the shape, making the bottom of the cup skinnier then the top it creates an easy spot to hold, as well as having a lid with a hole in it just like a coffee cup would have.
Product consolidation:
These soup cups were displayed on the shelf of the store all separately most likely so that customers are able to easily see the flavour of soup being sold due to the flavour at the bottom of the cup.
Product protection:
Things that protect this product are the plastic that the cup part of the package is made of because it blocks out the sunlight so it doesn’t go bad as quickly. As well as the foil lid underneath the real lid that has to be removed before you begin drinking the soup. Due to this not being resealable if it is pulled of you are able to determine if someone has or not.
Product/company information:
On this package one of the first things your eyes are drawn to is that it is only 110 calories because this is written front and center in a decent sized font. This package includes nutrition facts as well as ingredients in and orderly format. It also contains warnings for consumers safety and the manufacturers name and contact information.
Brand identification/positioning: colour that is on all their red and white so that when people see these colours they will affiliate it with this reliable brand that they have always enjoyed. The product name is catchy because people hear it and want to find out what it is because it is a unique name, which is why they have it directly in the center of the package where yours eyes get drawn to first.of Soup at Hand does not contain a logo so the trade mark design on the package is the lettering

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