Summer at My Grandparents

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Barbed wire Pages: 3 (1187 words) Published: May 4, 2011
I’ll never forget the summers when my sisters and I spent the whole summer with our grandparents. Grandpa Jerry Trotter and Granny Velma Trotter. My grandparents live in McNab, Arkansas in the country on large acres of land outside of Fulton, Arkansas. We had many grand adventures and loads of fun the summer visits even though we were in the country. One of my adventures involved learning how to ride and drive a 4-wheeler that belonged to Grandpa Jerry. It was at the fastest bike I have been on in my life. The 1st time I got on it I accadently push the gas button to much and I made it do a wheelie and fliped over. My cousin, my sister and I were on the 4-wheeler and all 3 of us fell backwards with the bike on top of us luckly no one got hurt with any injuries of any kind. It took at least half of the men in the family to turn it over. I remember my grandma running out of the house to check on us while she was cooking dinner. That night was a family cookout a fish fry as many would call it now. Granny would come to the kitchen and tell us to get out the cookbook and say, "Let’s get started." It would be the three of us with Granny helping her cook while all the men were doing what all men do watching sunday night football and drinking beer while the other kids played outside or watching tv in the other room.Once we finished frying everything I would ask my grandma if we could bake a big huge cake for dessert. My sisters and I both would always fight over the mixing bowl and spoons after my granny finished pouring it into the cake pan . When Granny and Grandpa Trotter got tired of us, we’d jump on our bikes and head to Uncle Richard's place. To get to his place, we had to ride a couple of miles out of McNab to Fulton to get to is house. This journey was fun except forthe distance but it was good excercise. While at uncle Richard's place my sisters stayed at uncle Richard's house with his 2 children R.J and Raven while I walked across the yard to my...
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