summer AP world History

Topics: Universe, Time, General relativity Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Summer AP World History
The Case for Big History
“Big History” should be the prevailing way of to how we view history. “Big History” includes more than just human history, but also ranges from the creation of earth (the big bang theory) to how history has an effect on us today. It includes information about our world, universe and all things leading up to this very day. History is a crucial must, if we are to understand our world. If we know things of the past on a larger time scale, we may seek possible outcomes to our future or answers to our recent world history. History is like one big puzzle, and there more pieces you put together, the bigger the picture becomes.

David Christian talks about looking at the whole of time in historical inquiry, and the objections to such large time scales and later on moves to reason why big history is a helpful construct. He then talks about the discipline of history has failed in finding a right scale for the demand of detail, and generality when looking at such larger time scales. Also, he talks about how history itself is all one and the connections of history and our future. For example, the connection between growth of since homo erectus and now, the populations growth rate. is being viewed by historians and that they see history from the perspective of the human race, not from someone looking upon the world’s history and the other sciences such as astronomy, biology, anthropology, geology and paleontology.

“Big History” is very useful because it helps historians better understand the past which helps historians better understand the future. David Christian states that “historians should be prepared to explore the past on many different scales of between 10-20 billion years”. This time frame is a huge part in history, it leads back to the making if the universe as we know it by making history vast enough so we can discipline our minds and enforce facts we know to see the bigger and smaller picture. As David...
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