Summer's Health

Topics: Health, Public health, Hygiene Pages: 9 (2610 words) Published: July 5, 2013
Chapter I
The Problem and Its Setting
Health is a fundamental right of every human being. It is a state of integration of the body and mind. An individual who is healthy is able to function maximally. An individual who is healthy is more able to think clearly and logically. A healthy individual is able to perform his work more efficiently than one who is ill. A healthy individual is more productive than who is not. Remaining healthy is one of the major concerns of the people in Sitio Kalayakan, Brgy. Kalawakan, Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan. The research study is conducted to the health status of the community respondents in Sitio Kalayakan, Brgy. Kalawakan, Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan Philippines. And this usually focuses on four related matters which are the skin diseases commonly arises during summer, the preventions, treatments and diagnosis that are appropriate. It also tackles proper hygiene. Hygiene is the science of health and its maintenance. Maintenance and promotion of hygiene is very important aspects of human physiological needs.

Some related topics like the financial status and educational attainment of the respondents has a role in our research study about health. If the person had a low level of education, there will be difficulties in finding a decent job, which in effect, will give an insufficient income that will affect the allocation of money on health related needs and other necessity. According to Nightingale, “Health is being well and using one’s power to the fullest extent. Health is maintained through prevention of disease via environmental health factors.”

Background of the Study
There are many factors that affect a person’s good health. It can give an affirmative or negative effect and these effects came from different sources. This action research studies the different skin diseases that usually occur every summer season. The following are the sources of the problem: for the general source, heat or the hot climate. Here in our country, having a hot climate is a normal scenario in our everyday lives, particularly every summer season. But Filipinos should be alarmed of this kind of climate. We should know that there are several human needs and under the physiologic needs, body temperature belongs. A person’s normal body temperature is 37.5°c and if we exceed to this level by over exposure under the sun, some diseases may occur particularly skin disease. Another source of the problem is the supply of water, Water is the universal needs of human being and it is the most fundamental and indispensable of all natural resources. Water plays many important roles within the body. In the community of Sitio Kalayakan, Brgy. Kalawakan, DRT, Bulacan has insufficient supply of water. Our body needs water, a clean water to help our body to stimulate well and eliminate wastes in our body system. Water also has a big contribution in a person’s proper hygiene. We need to clean our body using water to avoid viruses or germs to exist that will cause illnesses. And for the last but not the least, the researchers also want to give people some information on how to maintain proper hygiene. The researchers want to teach/inform them some ways on how they will maintain their body always clean or free from germs, because there is no other effective help a person needs but a help that comes from himself or herself.

Theoretical Framework

The Health-Illness Continuum (Dunn)
Dunn’s Theory on “Health-Illness Continuum” describes the interaction of the environment with well-being and illness. High level wellness (HLW) is an integrated method of functioning that is oriented towards maximizing one’s potentialities within the limitations of his environment. This concept connotes ability to perform ADL or to function independently.

Precursors of Illness
The three factors which impinge on the individuals to lead towards the illness spectrum are the...
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