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Topics: Police, Constable, Police officer Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: December 25, 2014
The protagonist of the story is Walter Streeter. He was a novelist, so it was no surprise when he received some anonymous letter and it had no return address. But that time he pondered over the situation, and who might be that mysterious sender and moreover had the same initials as he had, even though they were such commonplace ones. The author admitted he had got into a groove. He also supposed that he could have sent the cards himself. His friend expressed the idea that it had been some lunatic woman who was in love with Walter Streeter. For some time he felt reassured, but anyway that odd postcards had become the basic thing in his life, so he even decided not to destroy the third card and was looking forward to see the next one. While he was expecting, he suddenly realized that each new postcard came from the place that was about 80 miles closer to him then the last one and decided to go to the police department. Though he comforted a little, it was no use to go to the police, since they also concluded it was a woman, who was sending the postcards. They wanted to know if further cards came. In the fourth postcard, W.S. promised to see the author some time during the weekend and to shake his hand, so Walter Streeter did not hesitate to go and ask for police protection and they agreed. Meanwhile he set himself to work and felt actually in the vein. On weekend, namely on Saturday, police sent someone to protect him. At least he thought so. In very deed it appeared to be not a real policeman, but a rogue one, who used to be a thief, pimp, blackmailer and murderer. It was William Stainsforth from Walter Streeter’s book. But the thing was that Stainsforth behaved in character and shook not the author’s hand, but his throat. Word count: 322.
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