Summary : a Bronx Tale

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Crime, Chazz Palminteri Pages: 3 (1320 words) Published: May 4, 2006
The movie "A Bronx Tale" is obviously set in the Bronx and sets a young man Calogero Anello, "C" against the trials and tribulations of growing up incorruptible, in a neighborhood of mob crime and wayward minors. The movie holds characters that fit delinquency terms such as chronic offenders, and characters that fit theories such as the choice theory. Calogero at the end of the movie seems to have an identity crisis as mentioned by Erikson in his theory. Also characters show signs of being latent delinquents, and some characters seem to attribute their actions to the social learning theory. The movie as a whole is a great sign to see the varying degrees of delinquency especially in urban communities. I think the movie also gives people hope that despite all the odds against children growing up in the midst of crime they do have a choice and a chance to break free and choose their own road.

The word chronic offender applies to most characters in the movie. One of the stars of the movie "Sonny" Chazz Palminteri admits in the movie he had been to jail before. During the movie he is involved in obvious criminal offenses. Two obvious offenses are aggravated assault when his mob friends and him get in a fight with the motorcycles gang Satan's Messengers. Also early in the movie he kills a man in the street. It shows that he is a chronic offender because despite being to jail and obviously being exposed to specific deterrence he still has the urge to commit crimes. Even thought the crimes are never prosecuted and he is never caught. Calogero's friends "Slick and Mario" are both in my eyes chronic offenders. In their youth they commit "small crimes" such as stealing from the food cart man. "Crazy" Mario as he is called in the movie I feel is more of the leader and I think Slick just goes along with what Mario says. It is shown later in the movie that they assault a group of African American's riding bikes through their neighborhood. Then at the end of...
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