Summary: We Are Witnesses

Topics: Judaism, Nazi Germany, Jews Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: October 27, 2008
In the novel ‘We Are Witnesses’ a 13 year old Orthodox Jew by the name of Moshe Flinker is highlighted through his very own diary entries during the holocaust. I personally I thought it was very easy to make a connection to Moshe and his thoughts/writing. One major connection I was able to make was when Moshe stated that he was very keen on the idea of being a Jewish diplomat in a nationalist-all Jew Israel. I to am a big dreamer and very much enjoy thinking about my future and deciding what I should do with my life. Then after days of dreaming, come to a crashing, heartbreaking discovery that the dream is either unrealistic, not worth it, or not even enjoyable.

In Moshe’s diary entries I sensed a lot of hate, disgust and disappointment. From pg.99 ‘If you ask me what I am happy about, I would answer that I feel a gladness that only serves to underscore my pain, that emphasizes our troubles, and that deepens and renews our constantly bleeding wounds.’

One thing that I learned about the holocaust that I never knew before was the mental struggles of the Jews waiting in fear of being evacuated to the death and labor camps. Moshe had at one point so much anger built up inside his thoughts that he started to believe that the whole world was after the Jews, including god, not just the Nazis. Which led to Moshe having extreme thoughts and desires for a Zionist Israel, were Jews and Jews only lived together preaching the same religion and beliefs, were Moshe could roam his mother country’s terrain all he desired. And were all Jews could be isolated from all other countries.
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