Summary: The Story Of The Cherokee Indians

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Far before the European settlers came along, Native Americans called North America their home. Specifically, the Cherokee tribe thrived in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. Even after European intervention, Cherokee culture still lived on. In the book, The Story of the Cherokee Indians, 9th grade Cherokee students from the Eastern Band describe some of the distinct details of their culture. This publication is just one way that the Cherokee craft has been able to live on. This essay will briefly illustrate the lineage of published books and go in depth on the type of publication that The Story of the Cherokee Indians is.
In 1455, the Gutenberg Bible was the first known published book. The intended audience of the Bible included any believers and scholars who wished to...

This type of publication is produced via typewriter and includes hand-drawn illustrations. Other types of publications in the 21st century include: magazines, newspapers, journals, textbooks, videotapes, etc. Written in 1939, the most likely audience for the students’ work was either their teacher, family, or community. It appears to merely be a school project. The purpose of The Story of the Cherokee Indians is also to inform, but it is not a religious work (unlike the Gutenberg Bible). For example, one student writes that, “the land owned by the tribe includes 63,000 acres and is sometimes called the “Qualla Boundary” ”(The Ninth Grade of the Cherokee Indian School, 1939). Although it is elementary in vernacular, it gets the information across clearly. With this being said, it gives historians today valuable information of Cherokee culture from the perspective of teen Indians. This book was kept by the archives because it is a primary source of Cherokee life back in 1939, and the Cherokee people have played an integral part in the history of the United...
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