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Topics: Game theory, DreamWorks, DreamWorks Animation Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Author: Joel Watson.
Title: Strategy: An Introduction To Game Theory.
Date of publication: Year 2002
Publisher: W .W. Norton & Company.
Read Pages: from page 1 to page 37.

Author makes introduction to basics of strategy (game theory) in formal and non formal situations like in economics, business projects or everyday situations for example between wife and husband. In fields that can give full analyze of things, why they happened and, what made them happen.

In the beginning of the book author introduces us with meaning of the word Strategy (game theory). With answers to questions like, what exactly does strategy mean, where can I use strategy, and what kind of benefits does strategy offer. Author uses specific everyday situations in very detailed descriptions, giving readers opportunity to understand meaning and results of strategy in certain cases, for every individual in own point of view. Further in the book author introduces readers with non cooperative and cooperative game theory once again using simple, but very detailed description of the events. Moving further author introduces us to structure of the strategy, taking two of most popular strategic forms extensive form and normal form which are used in non cooperative game theory. Author believes that it is possible to identify specific actions theoretical result based on lots of aspects, for example indirect effects of other people, and own choices. Author is analyzing this theory in the first chapter of the book, also describing non cooperative game theory in a use of extensive form. In analysis author uses man called Jeffrey Katzenberg and his decisions who lead to the world’s famous movie Antz. In this kind of analysis author uses simply graphically constructed tree which is made of initial nodes and branches. Moving even further author describes us Jeffrey’s Katzenberg’s complete contingent plan of initial nodes which enables to understand nature of his decisions....
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