Summary: Romeo and Juliet Act III

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Act III Terms to look up if you are not already familiar capital punishment, woe, lamentation Annotations Annotate for the following Shakespeares use of dramatic irony Summaries/anything that you dont understand/notes for yourself or class discussion Directions Complete this work in your Readers/Writers Notebook. Characters In your notebook, continue the character chart you developed in Acts I and II. Even if you dont find yourself adding many characters, you can always add detail to the characters you have already listed. Questions to Guide You In your notebook, answer the following questions in complete sentences Scene 1 How does Romeo try to prevent the fight with Tybalt As he is dying, Mercutio is both serious and entertaining. Provide examples of lines that show the side of him that is serious and angry about the feuding families and then lines that show he is still a jokester. How is Romeos line This but begins the woe others must end (line 117) significant Respond to Literary Focus C which says, In what way might the death of Tybalt be a turning point in the play Respond to Literary Focus D which says, What do you think Romeo means by calling himself fortunes fool What does he realize will now happen to him and Juliet Why must the prince make good on his promise of capital punishment Scene 2 This scene begins with Juliets famous soliloquy. Respond to Literary Focus A which says, In which line does Juliet unconsciously foreshadow Romeos death Respond to Literary Focus B which says, What dramatic irony is created in this scene Note lines 30 and 31 in your response. Respond to Literary Focus C which refers to the conversation between Juliet and her nurse (lines 37 through 60) and says, This is another example of dramatic irony in this scene, in which we cannot share a characters feelings because we know something that the character does not know. What does Juliet think has happened What has really happened Explain Juliets line (39) in which she says, Can...
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