Summary Response Paper

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Summary Response paper

Helicopter Parents
My summary response paper is going to be based off the essay “No Escape from Helicopter parents” by Felix Carroll. I choose this essay, because I had four questions about helicopter parents. Are my parent’s helicopter parents, or just showing their love and support? Why do some parents think they need to hover over their children? Do the parents realize they are hovering over their children? Finally, my last question is, does the kids or teens like helicopter parents? I would believe that I’m not the only teen to ask these questions. Carroll reveals these questions, and more in his essay.

Carroll first opens his essay with “Excuse me, but you’re hovering. You realize that, right?” Obviously Carroll thinks that parent’s don’t realize they are hovering over their children. This is later supported in paragraph twenty-four, using a quote from Cathy Gamsjager. Carroll also thinks that kids and teens do not like helicopter parents. His first support of this is found in paragraph four. Carroll writes “You’re too obsessed with your children. You treat them like they’re No. 1, like they’re MVPs. You painstakingly planned their lives from their first play date to their first day of college.” This sounds almost like experience; maybe the “you” is his parents. However, this of course is speculations. Carroll supports more on this question in paragraphs five, six, and ten. He also answers the question on, why do some parents think they need to hover over their children. Carrol writes about a report from the television show “60 Minutes” about how helicopter parents come from the children of baby boomers born between 1982 and 1995. Besides solving my questions, Carroll talks about why this is happening. He interviews a sociologist at Duke University named Mary Elizabeth Hughs on paragraph fourteen. Overall Carroll and the people he interviews, agree that helicopter parents are not good for their children or teens....
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