Summary: Poor Parenting Causes Some Children to Join Gangs

Topics: Crime, Gang, Illegal drug trade Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: September 23, 2014
English 92/93
Summary of “Poor Parenting Causes Some Children to Join Gangs” In “ Poor Parenting Causes some Children to Join Gangs,” Lewis Yablonsky asserts the likelihood for children to participate in gang violence due to substance abusing parents, who don’t have the capability to be a loving caring parent. According to Yablonsky Parents can be positive role models to help their children learn social feelings; furthermore, children use gestures which others use in their environment such as parents so they get all their experience, expression and feelings from the adult (parent) who take care of them. The author explores that if a loving parent is missing kids become asocial, since parents who may not take care or even love their kid consequently kids build mistrust which causes insecurity, therefor kids start to seek for attention and believe that only self-interest is necessary to survive. Yablonsky mentions the consequences of poor parenting by stating that children who are physically and sexually abused have a low self-esteem, more prone to commit acts of violence and furthermore they don’t care about their own well-being. Additionally drug addicted parents are self-centered and have a sociopathic relationship to their children so they live in a chaotic world with limited trust to others and become like their parents, brutal and absentee. The author states that “Ineffective Discipline and Physical Abuse” causes and increasing number of violent children. There are four significant forms of discipline: strict, sporadic, lax and none. The most dangerous form of discipline is the sporadic form of parenting where the parent randomly punishes their child without a reason; consequently, it causes insecurity and low self-esteem. In addition children are influenced by their parent’s lifestyle choices and are most likely following their footsteps into a gangster lifestyle, furthermore they develop sociopathic personalities. The last paragraph concludes...
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