Summary on the Career of Thomas Wyatt

Topics: Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon, Elizabeth I of England Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Sir Thomas Wyatt was the English lyrical poet of the 16th-century accredited with the introduction of the famous sonnet into the English language. He was born at the Allington Castle, which was situated near Maidstone in Kent – although his family was formerly from the city of Yorkshire. Anne Skinner, his mother and Henry Wyatt, his father, had been one of the Privy Councillors of Henry VII, and continued to be a trusted as well as reliable counselor while Henry VIII came to the power in the year 1509. During his turn, Thomas Wyatt used to follow his father to the court after all his education at the St John's College, in Cambridge. None of the poems of Wyatt were printed out during his entire lifetime—the earliest book to feature his poetry was printed out a full 15 years after his passing away. Wyatt's Education as well as diplomatic career

Wyatt was more than six feet in height, as being described apparently both handsome as well as much stronger in terms of physical strength. Sir Wyatt was not just a poet, but as well an ambassador in the court and service of the Henry VIII. He primarily came into court and service of Henry in the year 1515 as the 'Sewer Extraordinary', in addition to it in the same year he started studying at the St John's College of the famous University of the Cambridge. He then married Elizabeth Brooke, the sister of the George Brooke, the 9th Baron Cobham, in the year 1522, plus a year soon after she gave birth to the son of Sir Wyatt, who was named as the Thomas Wyatt, the younger, who later on led the Wyatt's rebellion several years after the death of his father. In the year 1524 Henry VIII consigned Wyatt to be an Ambassador at home as well as abroad, in addition to it sometime soon after he was separated from his spouse on the basis of adultery. He then accompanied Sir John Russell, the 1st Earl of the Bedford to the Rome to assist petition Pope Clement VII to call off the wedding of Henry VIII to his former wife, Catherine of...
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