Summary on the Book of Genesis

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Genesis Reading and Summary Statements
The Creation Event: Genesis 1.1 – 2.24
This is a narrative of the Creation account. I note the obvious theme of “blessing” in 2.3 where “God blessed the seventh day…” I also see an indirect theme of blessing throughout the creation drama as The Lord God sees what he has created as “good” (1.4, 10. 12, 18, 21, 25, 31). There looks to be a poetic genre where God creates woman from man (2.23). This leads into another encounter of blessing backed up with covenant where the two, “become one flesh…and were not ashamed (2.24-25). I also see a level of reconciliation where God in creating man in His own image brings Himself in concert with His creation (1.27). As God placed man in the Garden he was introduced to the tree of good and evil (2.15-17). There we see a promise of judgment should one eat of its fruit. The Temptation, the Fall and Sin 3.1 – 4.15

It is in this narrative we see the fulfillment of promise of the eating of the fruit, which went against what God commanded. This led to the judgment of God on sin entering into the world. This judgment is contained in prose literary form in 3.14 – 19. Also contained in the aforesaid verses is the first promise of the Savior (3.15). The theme of judgment is made through the Lord condemning sin and driving the first couple out of the garden and preventing access to the Tree of life (3.22-24). The account of Cain & Abel (4.1 – 26) gives evidence to the effects of sin on creation. The effects of sin are severe as Cain cries out, “My punishment is too great to bear!” (4.15). The Beginning of Civilization and the Corruption of Man 4.16 – 6.8 The topic of genealogy begins to erupt in this section. A recurring theme also emerges here: “This is the book of the generations…” and “These are the records of the generation…” In 6.3 God places a judgment on the life of man and limits his existence due to wickedness and evil (6.5). Although the word “sin” is not used the theme is prevalent throughout the short narrative in this section. Within the text there is deep emotion that exhibits the concern of God about sin’s effect on humanity. Noah and the Flood 6.9 – 9.28

The theme of sin segues into this section and is a prevalent in the beginning of this narrative. The significant directives of building the ark is punctuated by the pronouncement of judgment on sinful humanity (6.17). Immediately following is a pronounced covenant from God (6.18) and Noah’s response, that is “Noah [doing] according to all that God had commanded him…” (6.22). The theme of fulfillment of promise is demonstrated through God remembering Noah (8.1). Upon the waters subsiding upon the earth the promise of God is revealed as to “never gain curse the ground according to man” (8.21). Further on an element of prose is displayed in 8.22. What follows in chapter nine are the themes of blessing and promise on Noah and his sons (9.1-7). The Covenant of the Rainbow and what follows through 9.17 encapsulate themes of covenant, promise and fulfillment of promise. The theme of sin re-emerges with 9.20 and the cursing Ham’s descendants which follows is given in prose form (9.25-27). The narrative also pronounces a blessing on Shem and Japheth. Descendants of Noah – Post Flood 10.1 – 11.26

This portion of the scripture contains large genealogy sections which highlight the descendants of Noah. There is a theme of blessing and fulfillment as out of the three descendants of Noah these groups, or nations “filled the earth” as they were “separated on the earth after the flood” (10.32). The drama of Babel in chapter 11 contributes to the theme of judgment as the Lord was conditioning a response to that which went against His will and previous blessings and promises. This was the blessing to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (9.1). The blessing of Shem is evident as the genealogy is followed to its ensuing conclusion where one sees...
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