Summary on Competency Modeling

Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: May 4, 2013
The limited research literature around competency modeling is fairly consistent in promoting the integration of job analysis rigor with broader organization focus of competency modeling . The combination of traditional job analysis and competency modeling methods can allow for highly robust approach to competency modeling .These methods include the use of multiple data collection methods and establishing a project adversary group that can guide the process. In addition ,job analysis capture the requirement of the current job but does not explicitly consider the requirement of the future in most cases. There are many methods that can be used to include future-oriented job requirement in competency like conducting a literature review of emerging business model and their associated competency requirement . In addition there are methods that are unique to competency modeling that can be rigorous like the “behavioral event interview” which is a highly in-depth interviewing process usually with senior executives . Moreover , its common to study contrasting groups of employees like highly successful employees and average employees. Competency are usually described very thoroughly by including several parts which are the descriptive label or title, a definition usually describing how the competency appears on the job in detailed behavioral terms , and a detailed description of the level of proficiency on the competency .The level of proficiency may describe the progressive level of competency development on the job, level of competency performance,job grade level ,or others depending on purpose. the number of levels should depend on the number of levels that can be perceived by the eventual user of information.
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