Summary Of A Computer Network And System Administrator Updated

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Wayne Reynolds II
Professor Eklund
FYE 105

Summary of a Computer Network and System Administrator
My career goal is to become a Computer and network systems Administrator and hopefully be able to enter the job field 2016. This is my backup plan cause currently I repair computers, laptops and other electronics. The IT and repair field is the same process and coursework that I am already taking and pursuing. If this plan does not work and I don’t get a job with my associates degree and my certificates, I will plan on transferring to a 4 year college and get my bachelor degree. At this point I am not committed to one college, I will decide that when that times comes. My educational major is Computer Information Technologies – Network Administrator Track. The requirements are for an associate’s degree. A bachelor is required but most businesses will also accept the certificates that can be obtained with the course I will be taking. There is 64-68 credit hours required to graduate.

Career Research Sheet
Employment of network and computer system administrators expected to grow 12 percent from 2012-2022. With jobs in 2012 for network system administrators was 366,400 and expected to be 409,400 in 2022. Therefore, the bottom line is there will be 42,900 new jobs created between now and 2022. The salary range for Kentucky is lower than the national average. In the state of Kentucky, the average annual salary range is $56,000, but the high annual range is $88,800 if you manage to find the right location and job. Where the national average annual salary is $74,000 and high annual salary is $117,000. The salary in the Louisville-Jefferson Kentucky area average annual salary is $60,200 and high annual salary $90,900. The top five skills and personal traits a person should have for this job are Analytical skills. Administrators need analytical skills to evaluate network and system performance and determine how changes in...

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