Summary of White Fang

Topics: Dog, Dog sled, Gray Wolf Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: October 26, 2008
In White Fang, the novel starts out with two men, Bill and Henry, crossing Alaska to head south with sled dogs. They where on this journey because they find themselves needing to burry the body of Lord Albert. During this journey, they crossed paths with a famished pack of wolves whose only objective was to eat. Day-by-day, one of Bill and Henry’s sled dogs was killed by being attracted by the she-wolf. The she-wolf would catch eyes with one of the sled dogs and as the dog would run out of camp to chase the she-wolf, he would be intercepted by the pack of wolves. Bill, being his impulsive self, decided to end these killings by trying to scare the wolves away his shotgun. Bills plan turned south and he was eaten to the last bone by the pack of wolves, while Henry was left alone and helpless. Just as Henry was about to be eaten, soldiers who were in search of Lord Albert saved Henry and brought him to rescue. After Henry was saved, the reader’s attention is turned towards the pack of wolves. The book directly jumped into the mating of the wolves. The wolves fought and killed for the she-wolf, and the one wolf named One Eye succeeded, and him and the she-wolf ended up being a couple. The she-wolf became pregnant, and six months later, she had her litter. Since there was a famine only one pup makes it, which in time was named White Fang. As the story progressed, the pup entered an Indian Camp and behind him, his mother followed. After they entered the camp, the tribal leader, Gray Beaver, recognized the pup’s mother, Quiche. Quiche was a wolf that used to live in the Indian camp and escaped when a harsh famine struck the village. Gray Beaver spotted Quiches pup and decided to name him White Fang because of his big white teeth. At the camp, the other Indian puppies torment White Fang; especially a dog named Lip-Lip. After time spent in the village, White Fang learned how to become a ferocious fighting dog, and ended up becoming a fighting machine. Another concept...
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