Summary of The Twilight Saga

Pages: 7 (2943 words) Published: January 9, 2013
wilight is a series of novels which starts out in the perspective of a seventeen year-old girl, Isabella Swan. But she goes by Bella. This story is actually set in the fictional vampire stories. Bella, the main character of the novel, unwillingly decides to live with her dad, Charlie, in Forks, Washington since her mother, Renée, and her husband, Phil, who happens to be Bella’s step-father, move in to another city on business. Phil is a minor league baseball player, and he gets transferred to another team in another city. The main reason that makes Bella move in with her dad, is that she thinks she is keeping her mom from going places with Phil. Before moving to Forks, she almost lived the whole 17 years of her life, in sunny Phoenix, Arizona beside her mom. Bella is a simple, clumsy, skinny, ivory-skinned girl. Although she didn’t relate well to people, she had a friend in Forks, named Jacob Black. They have known each other since they were little . Before arriving at Forks, her dad bought her an old Chevy truck from Billy Black, and had already registered her to a high school there in Forks. She doesn't expect anything to change because what could happen in a small town where it never stops raining? But in fact, she was totally wrong. On her first day of school she meets a few people. Later on she meets Mike Newton, Erik Yorkey, Jessica, Angela Weber, and Tyler. She was actually befriended by several students. She asked Jessica a heck of questions about everything in order to find out more about the school and people living in Forks, soon after they got friends. After a few days, when she was sitting in the cafeteria with her classmates, she noticed a bunch of unusually gorgeous people sitting at the corner of the cafeteria. They were Alice, Emmet, Jasper, Rosalie, and Edward Cullen ( the most beautiful of all ). The children of Dr. Cullen. They were all vampires. she couldn't help staring at them. As soon as she laid her eyes on Edward Cullen, her life changed completely. She fell in love with Edward. At first she tries to avoid Edward, and acts as if he is annoying, but really she is burning inside to get to know him. In biology she was told to sit alongside Edward, since there were no free seats left. Because the Cullens are vampires, and so is Edward, he tries to avoid her every single time they face each other, mostly in a rude manner. After a week of being absent from the school, Edward comes to biology class, and apologize Bella for his rude and cruel behavior. Then they become friends with each other. One day when Bella was standing beside her truck, trying to get in it, she noticed Edward standing near his Volvo, staring at her. All of a sudden, she discerns that having lost its control, a car is heading towards her, and is about to hit her. Despite Edward’s distance from the accident, he instantaneously puts his body in front of Bella, trying to save her. To her intense surprise, Edward stopped the car by his hand, without even having a little scratch or scar on his body. Tyler, the kid who almost crashed into Bella, apologized her. This specific event was more than enough to make Bella much more curious about the Cullens. Specially about Edward. Thanks to Edward, they both survived. Bella went to hospital with minor injuries. When Edward came to see her in the hospital, he tried to convince her that she was just imagining his supernatural speed and strength. But she wasn’t convinced and began to wonder who or what he is. Bella becomes determined to find out how Edward saved her life, and constantly pesters him with questions. That was the very first night that Bella dreamed of Edward. Later on, every time she asked him about that day, he refused to talk more about it. Bella’s science class is doing blood typing, which requires all the kids to draw blood. Edward skips class. Bella feels faint and has to go to see the school nurse. Mike is helping her but then Edward turns up and takes...
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