Summary Of The Pregnancy Project By Gaby Rodriguez

Topics: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, High school, Adolescence / Pages: 5 (1168 words) / Published: May 23rd, 2017
Statistics show that teenage pregnancy is an extremely common matter lately. Sadly, lampooning and shaming teenage mothers is also a popular topic. In the The Pregnancy Project Gaby Rodriguez, a 17 year old senior, decides to see exactly what teen moms have to deal with by faking her own pregnancy and tricking half of the world. The Pregnancy Project follows Rodriguez as she demonstrates the struggles of teen moms-to-be by revealing her family troubles, some critics reviews and the impact it had the community.

Rodriguez’s “unique” childhood sparked her interest to try this project. In the novel, she writes, "I always knew my mother had been young when she had her first child, but I never did the math, never realized that she was in
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Wilmington writes “I would consider than [sarcasm] one of the only weaknesses of the book.” Rodriguez’s way of writing is absolutely beautiful but at the same time it is confusing. It is literature after all; you cannot tell when someone is being sarcastic or if they actually mean it. Since Rodrigue uses a large amount of sarcasm, her book puzzles the reader, no matter what age. However some critics disagreed and absolutely love the novel. "Rodriguez leaves the readers with plenty to think about regarding teen pregnancy and society's reaction to it" (“Pregnancy” 1).The novel is pretty confusing but Rodriguez does a wonderful job and shows exactly what it's like to be a pregnant teen; absolute hell. Her use of figurative language displays exactly how she felt. Laura Santana says "Personally, as a first-year graduate student who is expecting my first baby in three weeks, I couldn't help but feel comfortable and inspired by Gaby's project.” Even though Santana was not with Rodriguez when all this happened, she still feels connected because of how well Rodriguez displays her story. The meaning behind “The Pregnancy Project” is extremely moving and does, in fact, touch millions of people's hearts. "Gaby's story is vividly told with a strong voice and a great story arc that begins with her parents and ends with a call to other teens and adults to stop the cycle of teen pregnancy, motherhood and poverty" (Gomez 1). Because Rodriguez did the unthinkable, people …show more content…
Rodriguez is determined to do this project and because her family had such a hard time, she wanted to know exactly what they went through. She grew up in a house full of unplanned pregnancy and her family went through a large amount of rudeness. Gaby is putting herself through torment of being a social outcast and being judge (Rodriguez 79). Seeing how much Rodriguez struggled, it was obvious she was not enjoying it. Her classmates would vilify her to their friends and students she did not know gave her nasty looks, thinking she was ludicrous. People are extremely rude and unhelpful to teen moms-to-be (Gomes). Rodriguez’s siblings, other than Sonia, were hoping she would be the one to respite the chain of teenage pregnancies but they were all disappointed. Rodriguez’s project opened a new eye to society about

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