Summary Of The Poem A River By Tom Wayman

Topics: Life, Thought, Human, Plato, Psychology, Ethics / Pages: 3 (607 words) / Published: Jan 23rd, 2017
1. The exposition in a poem is the writer's way for giving the setting of the poem. One of the expositions in this poem is that the character went down to the river and sat down on the bank. This is one of the expositions in the poem because it gives background information of the setting. The other exposition in this poem is that the main character went to an elevator sixteen floors above the ground. This is another exposition because it is a different setting in the poem.

2. I think that the speaker of the poem sank down to the bottom of the river because he couldn't think. Maybe his idea for doing this was that he would think better at the bottom rather than the top. But there is no way of knowing this because he doesn't specify why he
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The climax in poems are a particular point in a narrative at which the conflict or tension hits the highest point. I believe that the climax in this poem is when the speaker gets on top of the sixteenth floor and thought about their baby. Then the speaker thinks about jumping. There are other possibilities for the climax. The other possibility is when the speaker jumps into the river and sinks to the bottom, almost resulting in certain death. But then they float back up to the top, because they knew they could drown themselves, but they knew if they jumped from the sixteenth floor there would be no saving themselves from that.

5. The falling action in a poem is what happens after the climax.The falling action in this poem is when the speaker decides to jump from the sixteenth floor. I believe this is the falling action because it happens right after what I believed to be the climax. My climax was the speaker thinking about jumping from the sixteenth floor, but then deciding not to.

6. A denouement is the final outcome of the story. I think the denouement of the story is that the speaker decided to live. I also think he was happy to be alive because they didn't want their sweet baby to see them die. They wanted to live on so that their baby could watch them live. Because they were born for living the life they

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