Summary of the Old Testament

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Summary of the Old Testament
The first division of the Old Testament, The Pentateuch, is a miraculous saga of how God creates the universe, creates mankind, and how he prepares a covenant for his people. In the first book of the bible, Genesis, God is in complete darkness and begins to speak into the darkness things he desires to create. He creates light, the sky, land, plants, animals, and humans in the time of 6 days. On the seventh day, He rests while he watches what he has created. He creates a man named Adam but learns that the man needs a companion so God takes a rib from Adam while he is sleeping one night and creates a woman named Eve. The two together, lived in the Garden of Eden where everything was perfect and there was no knowledge of evil. One day in the garden, Eve is confronted by a serpent, which we later learn is Lucifer, who convinces her to eat a fruit that God has forbidden both, Adam and Eve, not to eat from under any circumstances. After Eve has eaten the fruit, she persuades Adam to eat the satanic fruit which in turns causes the two to feel shame and regret. After such disobedience, God curses the two and says Eve will be cursed to suffer painful childbirth and must submit to her husband’s authority. He also curses Adam saying that he much toil and work the ground for food and that Adam & Eve must leave the Garden of Eden. After countless generations, God calls on a human named Abram who, at the time, lived with his father and wife, Terah and Sarai. He calls on Abram to leave his father’s house to land that He has promised to give to him and to all of Abram’s descendants. Once Abram has settled into the Promised Land, Canaan, he and his wife Sarai cannot conceive a child. Sarai convinces Abram to sleep with their servant, Hagar, to conceive a child for the couple. After Hagar become pregnant, Sarai becomes angry and causes Hagar to run away but she later returns to give birth to her first son, Ishmael, after God comforted her. At this time, God tells Abram of a new covenant that requires men descendants of Abram to become circumcised. God also promises the couple a son and they are to name him “Isaac,” during this time God renames Abram “Abraham” and Sarai “Sarah.” After Isaac has grown into a young boy, God speaks to Abraham to take Isaac to a mountain and to give Isaac as a sacrifice to God. Abraham takes Isaac to the altar and is ready to sacrifice Isaac as an angle of the Lord stops Abraham’s hand. God soon sees how devoted Abraham is to Him and reaffirms their covenant. Three generations later Jacob, who is Abraham’s grandson, has many sons who become jealous of their youngest brother Joseph because of the favoritism Jacob has displayed towards Joseph. One day, Jacob’s eleven sons sell Joseph into slavery and tell their father, Jacob, that Joseph was killed by a wild animal while showing a torn coat that Jacob had given Joseph. Joseph earns a reputation as a dream interpreter and gains prestige in the Egyptian government. Years later while at the Egyptian market, Joseph recognizes his brothers there but his brothers seem not to recognize him. Joseph decides to plant a silver cup in the satchel of rice they have bought and accuses them of stealing. He threatens to kill Benjamin if the brothers no return to Canaan and retrieve Abraham. Once all in Egypt, Joseph reveals himself to his father and brothers and invites them to come live in Egypt. After 400 years in Egypt, the people from the descendants of Joseph are enslaved and are used by the Pharaoh as a massive workforce. God calls on a man named Moses to rescue his people from the wrath of Pharaoh. After Moses ask that his people be let go and Pharaoh denies his request, God sends 10 plagues upon Egypt and in turn the Pharaoh releases the Israelites. Moses and the 600,000 Israelites head east toward the land God has promised them but the Pharaoh chases them to the coast of the Red Sea. With nowhere to go and the Pharaoh closing in on them...

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