Summary Of The Movie Wall-E

Topics: Pollution, Global warming, Waste Pages: 3 (513 words) Published: September 23, 2016

After centuries of massive overconsumption and the resultant waste caused Earth to become incapable of sustaining life any longer, humans fled to Space, leaving behind a legacy of pollution and a team of trash compacting robots. In the movie Wall-E, directed by Andrew Stanton, society took a reactive approach to dealing with their trash by attempting to consolidate it into hidden and smaller areas. However, that effort alone was not enough to stop the inevitable pollution. By not taking action to reduce the amount of waste they produced, the humans suffered the ultimate consequence of losing their own homes.
Although the scenario depicted in Wall-E is extreme and unlikely to occur within my lifetime, the threat that garbage imposes on our environment is real. Through irresponsible practices, such as dumping garbage into the ocean or shipping it to less developed countries, and the complacency to allow such actions to occur, society is making the same mistake as the humans in Wall-E. Imposing garbage on other environments and pretending as if it is not a problem may work for a short while, but the ensuing pollution will eventually become so bad that there will be no...

The real power lies in the common people; those who make up the majority of the population. Consumers must make a personal choice to conserve and reuse where ever they can in order to not only cut down on their personal waste output, but also force companies and nations to act the same way. Until that point, plastics products will continue to clutter and poison the ocean and its inhabitants (Wolff, 2014), toxic electronic waste will be exported to poorer nations in ever-increasing amounts (Butler), and all manner of other unnecessary waste management practices will plague our...
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