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Summary of the Chieftest Mourner

By faning Dec 05, 2013 427 Words
ANALYSIS: This is a short story authored by Aida Rivera Ford. The story is all about the death of the narrator's uncle. The situation is just a very typical scenario in the Philippines but through the writer's prolific used of diction and imagery a common situation is turned into something new - a work of art. As you look at it, the plot is so simple. But what will move most of the readers is the author's command of language and smooth flow of situations. Some reflective traits are the delicadeza system being practiced, the unfaithfulness of husbands, presence of gossipers, scandals in public and ridiculous funeral set-up with two different camps in opposite sides. A minimal Spanish colonialism practices is also being reflective in the story through the practiced of delicadeza system and the regular used of Spanish language. Along the way, the reader can feel that the narrator itself is being caught between love and disloyalty. ELEMENTS

PLACE – at a big girls' college in Manila, in the little chapel TIME – Morning
SOCIAL CONDITION – Wealthy, characters are culture bounded (In economic terms, the reader can easily predict that the characters are somehow wealthy considering that the narrator, who happens to be the niece of the dead poet, is - boarding at the big girls' college in Manila, the presence of a conference room and the regular use of Spanish language. These are matters that only well-off families can afford and practiced. *The story is so culture bounded and is so reflective of our society.) MOOD/ATMOSPHERE – Gloomy (the first story line already shows a tint of innocence and simplicity but the gloomy tone of the story is already felt.)

NARRATOR (Aida Rivera Ford) – the poet’s niece, the author UNCLE - a great poet
AUNT SOPHIA - the legal wife, she’s patience and loyal.
ESA –the mistress, young, accomplished, a woman of means.


KIND: EXTERNAL (Character is tangling outside forces)


KIND: OMNICIENT (All Knowing) –The author can narrate the story. *In this story Aida Rivera uses 1st person-I, she includes herself in the story by narrating what happened. She was able to illustrate to us the competition and rivalry between the legal wife (no.1), and the mistress (no.2). How the mistress struggles and how other people treat her and judge her. 6. THEME - LOVE and INNOCENCE (It is a story with a focal point focused on love and innocence in the context of death.)

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