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Summary of the Banking Concept

By mvprincess87 Feb 05, 2012 280 Words
Summary of “The Banking Concept of Education”
The banking concept is a way that students are positioned like an empty box and to be filled with all kinds of information by the teacher. The students receive the information, memorize it and repeat. Freire claims that the teachers treat the students as a bank in which they deposit information into them. One of the issues with this education is that the student never really gets to think critically about the information they are learning. In the Banking Concept of Education students just accept the world as it is and becomes oppression. Freire explains that the banking concept is characterized by oppressive attitudes and practice. Libertarian education makes the students question their consciousness and preparing them for a challenge to see and work toward a better society. Freire says that the banking concept of education assumes that the student is ignorant and that the teacher is really the only one who has any knowledge. Freire argues that until there is a way to encourage a free flow, or wider communication between the educator and student the problems in education will remain, even if new curriculum is introduced. One way that Freire thinks he can overcome this form of education is with the Problem-posing concept of education. The teacher and student come together as one and each learn from one another. This way neither one of them has an authority over the other. In problem-posing the students and teachers are attentive, active and actually think for themselves. Therefore problem posing education allows the students to develop their critical thinking because of the communication there is between the teacher and student.

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