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Summary of Sister Stella L.

By sn50 Dec 05, 2013 414 Words
Sister Stella L.
Directed by Mike De Leon


Sister Stella L. is about Sister Stella Legaspi, a typical nun who does not want to give a concrete opinion about the political issues of the nation. Her job in the convent is to counsel troubled women as referred by Nick Fajardo, a journalist and her ex-boyfriend, as being useless compare to her co-nun and namesake Sister Stella Bautista who helped poverty stricken people (by sharing God's words) outside the convent and who has a stand in issues in politics. In Barrio Aguho where Sister Stella B. is currently living, the workes of a local oil factory are on strike beacause of unfair labor system. Sister Stella B. assist the strikers, driving Sister Stella L. to also help. While Sister Stella L. thought about this as an oppurtunity to “really” used God's words to help solve the people's problem, the strikers considered the involvement of the nuns as advantage thinking that no one will dare fight the catholic church. Staying on the barrio for some days thought Sister Stella L. that not all problems are solve just by prayers alone. She is now determine to help these people. Amidst all this, Sister Stella L. receive a letter from the congregation about how disppointed they are for leaving her job in the convent and therefore she must go back immediately. Upon going back, Gigi, a pregnant woman who lives in the convent and one of her advisee, seeks her to talk about the latter's condition. They talk until Gigi lose her cool. The next day, Gigi committed suicide. Sister Stella L. then realize that she is a blind guiding another blind and boosting up her determination to go back in the barrio. And with the help of her namesake, she was relieved from her job in the convent. A new challenge faces Sister Stella L. as Sister Stella B. leaves for Davao to help the latter's co-nun. She then seeks Nick's help to writing an article about the strike to inform the people around the nation of what they are fightng for. The movie is concluded by the death of Ka Dencio, the leader of the strike. He was killed because of the betrayal of Nes, a member of the strike, luring him to some unknown men ordered by the higher ups. But this does not stop the people. Determined to carry on the battle, they are now asking justice for Ka Dencio and for themselves.

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