Summary of Philosophies of Education

Topics: Universe, Morality, God Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Philosophies of Education
|Philosophy |Cosmology |Theology |Anthropology |Ontology |Epistemology |Ethics |Aesthetics | |Existentialism |Believe in the freedom to choose. |- The universe and humans exist during the same time. | -Existence precedes essence: there is no God and no fixed human nature | -Man is entirely free and wholly responsible for himself-point of awareness. | -It is we ourselves who shape our lives.  -Humans have a materialistic relation-ship with nature and society. | -How you know it and that you know it -Recognize that human knowledge is limited and fallible. |-Offers no answers, establishes no ethic principles, nor provides any means of enlightenment |- Art is seen as an expression of the freedom of the individual to choose | |Idealism |Believe that all physical objects exist only in our minds. | -The universe is essentially nonmaterial in its ultimate nature. | -The first and highest principle of all things is the one perfect spiritual Being which they call God. |-Mankind is seen to have a reality beyond being just an idea. | - Our view of nature comes from ideas in the mind. |-In the knowledge process the mind can grasp only the psychic or that its objects are conditioned by their perceptibility. |- Values are absolute and unchanging -Values are eternal |-The idea of good and the idea of beauty are consistent with the absolute good and the absolute beauty found in God. | |Neo-scholasticism |Believe in finding out the truth. |-The universe was created by God. | God, pure actuality and absolute perfection, is substantially distinct from every finite thing. |Man, puts forth activities of a higher order — knowledge and volition. |-The nature of the universe is permanent and unchanging. | -We get our knowledge from God. |- We should display moral values base on what God would want. | Art is self-evident to artists | |Pragmatism |Believe that ideas and theories should be tested. |- Everything in the universe experiences...
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