Summary of October Sky

Topics: October Sky, Cold War, Homer Hickam Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Peter Travis creates a brand new look on the Movie, October Sky directed by Joe Johnston by reviewing the movie for Rolling stones in february 1999 . He discovers the movie to be very unique and refreshing from the movies directed at that period of time. He considers October sky's optimistic look on life to be way more necessary for common people than those Cynical outlooks of other movies. Traver states that the movie is based on the autobiography “The Rocket boys : A memoir “ written by Homer Hickham, who worked as an aerospace engineer for almost twenty years in NASA.

Traver briefly describes the Plot and Summary of the Movie which provides a good insight about the movie for readers. He starts saying that the movie is setback during the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union when the Soviets launched Sputnik towards the space. Travers states that even though the people of coalwood do not recognize the historic essence of this event , they still consider this achievement to be of great importance in the Technological Field. However, Homer Hickham , the protagonist of the movie discovers a new passion after watching this event take place. His desire of building rockets not only helps him to create a new future for himself but also provides him strength from not following his father's footsteps towards working in the mines.

Traver highlights the innumerable amount of difficulties Homer had to face before convincing his father Jim Hickham ( Chris Copper) to accept his passion for building rockets and help him choose a new path of life which is completely different from his own.

Traver also states that the underrated actor Chris cooper does not slip into Caricature and plays his role very well . But out of all the events that takes place in the movie the most important one is difficulties Homer overcomes till the end and wins the Science Fair at last.

He concludes by highlighting details about the plot of the movie to be...
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