Summary of Nursing Basics

Topics: Benzodiazepine, Morphine, Anesthesia, Opioid, Acetylcholine / Pages: 7 (1550 words) / Published: Apr 8th, 2014
EXAM 2 Study Guide PSCI 3315 (Spring 2012)

From a list of anesthetics, be able to pick out the general anesthetics and the local ones
a. IV
i. Dizzepam ii. Loraepam iii. Midazolam (drug of choice for IV)
Local anesthetics (esters and amides)

End in –caine (lidocaine, buplvacaine, procaine, cocaine)
Be familiar with the potential adverse effects of general and local anesthetics
Local: hematologic toxicity-cyanosis chocolate colored blood,
Allergic reactions- acid derivatives, rare with amides
Tinnitus, agitation, restlessness, seizure activity, decreased cardio ecitation, fatigue dizziness
General adverse effects:
Confusion, delirium lethargy, muscle weakness, increase cerebral blood flow leads to increased intracranial pressure, decreased glomuler filter rate, decreased hepatic blood flow, uterine muscle contraction
Be familiar with the different stages of anesthesia
Stage 1- analgesia-: loss of somatic sensation, still conscious and somewhat aware of surroundings
Stage 2- excitement (delirium)- unconscious but appears agitated and restless, irregular respirations, stage ends with re-establishment of regular breathing
Stage 3-surgical anesthesia- desirable for surgical procedures, onset of regular and deep respirations, complete cessation of spontaneous respirations
Stage 4- excessive anesthesia, leads to inhibition of respire. Control center, ability to regulate BP is affected resulting in CV collapse; depression of the resp. center in the brain stem, resp. and CV is required or pat. will die.

Anti-­‐Inflammatory Drugs
Inflammation-response to foreign organisms or antigenic substance Chronic or Acute Phagocytosis and neutralization of invading organism is beneficial but it can go to far such as in Rheumatoid arthritis
Understand the role of cyclooxygenase (COX) and prostaglandins in the inflammatory process. Be

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