Summary Of Mrs. Ventimiglia

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“Sir all I remember was that it was last Wednesday, about 10 o’clock, and it was pouring rain when we received the call. Once my men and I arrived, Mrs. Ventimiglia was in some sort of trance; repeating six things over and over again: Dirty lover, Liar, No, Malcolm, Hilton, 21-3-12." "So there was nothing else that seemed unusual? " "Oh no, there was definitely something odd about Mrs. Ventimiglia, almost as if she had stared death right in the face. She just sat there, in a pool of her husbands blood, unresponsive." "Thank you, Parks. Before you leave bring me her folder." "Yes, Sir."
Marielle Ventimiglia, humble wife to Antonio Ventimiglia and mother of two, age 38, Secretary at one of the most prestigious businesses,...

Ventimiglia-" "21-3-12, Liar, No, Malcom, Dirty lover, Hilton" It was obvious that she was no help, but what she said, 21-3-12, Liar, No, Malcom, Dirty lover, Hilton, why those words, why in that order? Could it be some sort of code she wants me to decode, is it a signal of help? " Marielle, hear me out, do these words mean something, are they telling me something?" " 12-3-21-" there was a moment of silence, her mentally saying yes it is. After that she continued, " 21-3-12, Liar, No, Malcom, Dirty lover, Hilton"
12-3-21, Liar, No, Malcom, Dirty lover, Hilton, what the hell could 21-3-12, Liar, No, Malcom, Dirty lover, Hilton mean. 21-3-12, a combination, an anniversary, a date, what? What could it possibly be? 12, 3, 21; nothing special about those number. No mention of a combo with these numbers- a date, it's a date, 21 being the twenty first, 3 being March and 12 being 2012; she said it in the way Italian's write the date: day/month/year. March 21, 2012, first clue, but what does it lead, not their wedding day...... but possibly the birth of her first child, Lisa, but now, where does she fit in to the...

Turns out that Toni snatched the property long before Dexter could and rumors going around on the fact that Malcom was more than willing to bring Toni and his business down for the property, apparently the new space could boost their business but a solid 19% in profits." "So with Dexter is his storm of rage, he took it upon himself to make sure he got what her wanted. Could also mean that he could possibly mean he was the...
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