Summary Of Mrs. Meraz And Cruz

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unrelated topics, such as, “What color was his shirt? Mrs. Cruz responds, “His car it’s a, it’s a van.” Mrs. Cruz is asked to give a description of the suspect which she provides over multiple questions. However, it wasn’t until the dispatcher asks if Mrs. Cruz if she knows the suspect that she responds it’s her ex-boyfriend.


Detective Brown contacted Mrs. Cruz via telephone to obtain information regarding the robbery by Mr. Meraz. Mrs. Cruz said that while she walking home from the store, Mr. Meraz pulled up in a van and asked her for money. She said that she did not have any money and Mr. Meraz took out a little knife that was wrapped in arm sweat bands. Mrs. Cruz said that it was not a sharp blade but something like a saw blade. Mrs. Cruz did not say if Mr. Meraz removed the knife from the sweat band covering.

Even though Mrs. Cruz first says the knife was “little,” she...

When she went back after originally leaving the area, she decided to see if her husband dropped anything from her purse. At this point she saw a knife in the gutter which she believed may have been her husbands. She kicked it in the gutter then retrieved it later with a cloth after going back home. She then gave the knife to Officer Cavanaugh when he took the report.

It should be noted that Mrs. Cruz changed her story multiple times not because it appears as if she was lying, but most likely due to mental or medical issues. An example is that she also told us her purse was in a basket when her husband grabbed it as opposed to being taken from her shoulder. Mrs. Cruz attempted to show me paperwork from the hospital after she had dialysis, even though she was trying to show me her social security check. She lost track of our conversion and what we were talking about even though it was within a 20 to 30 second time...
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