Summary Of Mike Lupica's Travel Team

Topics: Basketball, High school, Michael Jordan, National Basketball Association, College basketball, Kobe Bryant / Pages: 3 (505 words) / Published: Dec 1st, 2016
In Travel Team by Mike Lupica, basketball player Danny Walker learns height does not matter. Danny has a very hard complicated life. He is bullied every day because he looks very young because of his height. Kids taunt him but it isn’t his fault. Danny’s father was amazing at basketball. He helped win the national championship for the Vikings when he was a young kid. The basketball team has tryouts at the Y. When Danny walks in the kids started jeering at him. He didn’t understand why they all were looking at him like that because he didn’t do anything. They all started to laugh and make fun of Danny. They asked if he was 8 years old. Even the coaches asked him if he was at the right place. During tryouts Danny didn’t do very well because

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