Summary of Malcolm in the Middle

Topics: Malcolm in the Middle, Pulitzer Prize for the Novel Pages: 4 (1758 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Certain aspects of traditional tasks of gender responsibilities are still prevalent today in households across America, however “Malcolm in the Middle” is a show that reverses these gender roles in a big way.

“Malcolm in the Middle” is a network television sitcom that follows the life of a dysfunctional lower-middle class family of six. This family is disliked by most who come in contact with them. The characters consist of the father Hal, mother Lois, oldest son Francis, second oldest Reese, middle son Malcolm, and youngest son Dewey. The series revolves around the lead role of middle child Malcolm, but unites the family’s unique interaction as a whole. Hal is usually walking around on the edge of a nervous breakdown over something insignificant and is not above throwing temper tantrums. Although he loves his son’s, he is more relaxed with his parenting out of fear of making the wrong choice. This lack thereof usually leads to his son’s taking advantage of him in someway. His interaction with his wife Lois is very submissive due to the fact that he fears her more than anything else. Lois can be described as an overbearing and ruthless control freak that brings embarrassment upon her family. She has an extreme need to be in control of every situation, including the order and functioning of her household. She works as a clerk at a local store called “Lucky Aid”. Lois often feels that her family does not appreciate what they have and all that she does for them. Francis is a mischief-maker and poor role model for his younger brothers. His mother Lois was at her wits end with him when she found out that Francis had been skipping school, drinking, smoking, and sleeping around. The last straw was when Francis came home with four nose rings. Beforehand she threatened sending him to military school when he mentioned getting just one. Lois sends him to a military school in Alabama. Francis blames his mother for most of his problems throughout his life. Reese has no...
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